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`        Malaga Basin SPAIN, December 2004

         The main meeting for IGCP449 in 2004 will be based in Southern Spain.
         More details concerning this meeting (December 12th -18th) can be
         found on the meeting website here.

          Local meeting in Russia, 2004

    The Russian group of IGCP 449 contributors plans to organize a local meeting in Russia during 2004. The organizer will be Valentina Drouchits, Moscow.

    32nd International Geological Congress, in Florence, august 20-28, 2004

    An IGCP 449 presence at the IGC in Florence, which takes place within the final year of the project, is clearly desirable and is being explored with the organizing committee. In addition, or as an alternative, the project will be represented within the FLAG 2004 conference in Sienna, itself timed to complement the IGC (see g).

    FLAG 2004 - Sienna - timed to complement the 32nd IGC, in Florence.  There will be an IGCP 449 component to this meeting, which will be organized by Mauro Coltorti.

    Local/Regional meeting in the Yukon, 2004

     The Canadian group is planning, for 2004, a 7 days field trip in the Yukon basin.  The organizer and leader will be Duane Froese.

    5th International Project Meeting, China, 2004

    It is intended to hold a fifth and final international project meeting in China in 2004, a meeting that has been twice postponed. The Chinese fluvial record is of considerable importance to the project. It is likely that the meeting will be timed to complement a planned PAGES conference in Beijing. It may be possible to include a consideration of the 3 gorges project as part of the meeting.



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